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Project Description
Various mini-linguistics tools targeting toki pona, a very small fake language. Of potential interest to hobby linguists and conlang enthusiasts.

What the heck is toki pona?
It is an artificial language for human to human communication. But it is small enough with respect to rules and vocabulary that you can do a variety of linguistics programming experiments without having to deal with the size and complexity of a language like English.

This is the code for the live website at

Merged Toki Pona word list with links. (static content)
Google Search Engine launch page
Counting tree
Simulated cuss words (cusswords are the most typical words that can be randomly generated from the set of all possible toki pona words, an idea I saw in a book long ago.)
Toki pona compression.
Toki pona font display support.
Toki pona relex to a handful of other languages.
Text colorization.
Corpus search
Reading tool (clickable links on each word)

Parsing to an object tree.
Machine interlinear glossing
Hamurabi updated from console app to web & then localized to toikipona
Translation of jan Pije lessons to Icelandic.

Community innovations proposal website. (something where proposals can be posted, signed on to, etc)
Split code into toki pona specific and language neural code.

The code is GPL2. Some sample text in the corpus is of unknown license and I'm counting it as fair use. Some of the text is under various Creative Commons licenses.

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